Shiner Gold


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It’s your “Time to Shine”

Shiner Gold Classic is a heavy holding Pomade that goes in thick but won’t rip your hair out. It works for all types of hair but was designed for thick and wavy-haired people in mind. Shiner Gold sets up hard but keeps it’s comb- ability with a greasy feel.  Shiner Gold has a coconut scent with a nice shine and detail to tradition.
You will not be disappointed with this great Pomade.

Maximum Matte Clay is for a dry look thats right no shine. This Clay can be used for a short messy look up to a huge blow dried style. The imagination is the limit with this product.  Sometimes you gotta keep your shine incognito.In times like these, we created the super maximum matte finish clay. The completely matte finish, will never dull your look when you go for loose styles.

Psycho hold is built for the most stubborn hair types.  If you need something to pull those thick waves straight or lay down the nastiest colic give Psycho Hold a try. Psycho Hold is re-combable with a dash of water.  This is not for thin hair.


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