Rooney Shaving Brushes


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Classic brushes born from the same cloth as the ever popular Morris & Forndran brand.
Changes in the Rooney operation and changes in their product line.
You’re not going to find these brushes on any other vendor site.
These are the previous production models and limited quantities are available.  When they’re gone .. they’re gone !!!
Time to ‘step-up’ Gents …
style overall height knot diameter knot height
stubby 1 3.25″ 26mm 44mm
stubby 2 3.75″ 28mm 47mm
stubby 3 4.00″ 28mm 51mm
emillion 1 4.12″ 22mm 46mm
beehive 1 3.75″ 20mm 43mm
victorian 1 4.75″ 24mm 47mm
travel 5.75″ 19mm 50mm
* dimensions are approximate


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