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Castle Forbes is a small family run company which produces an exclusive range of top-quality shaving creams, aftershaves & colognes using only natural pure essential oils. The original and elite scents are created and carefully hand crafted at the Forbes Castle in Scotland.

This product has a very rich lather. That means that you have maximum lubrication. Use a brush and you’ll be amazed at what this offers in terms of protection. It’s very popular with guys who have sensitive skin and there’s good reason for that. The scent is noticeable, but it’s not so strong that it will conflict with any aftershaves or colognes you happen to wear.

Do your face a favor and get something good enough to protect you from your blade. The payoffs are certain to be noticeable right away, especially when you’re not left with a burning sensation after you’re done grooming and your whiskers are cut away to reveal smooth, healthy skin.

Size: 200 ml

Made in Scotland.



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